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GetMeFOOD is an initiative that is centered on creating jobs for youth in Agriculture and Agribusiness across Africa. The main aim is to educate a new breed of entrepreneurial-minded agriculturalists by cultivating within them the critical reasoning and problem-solving skills and the interest to take up the vast opportunities in agriculture. The GetMeFOOD concept is about leading change, engaging young minds, stimulating curiosity and making the most of every opportunity for learning. Our concept aligns with AfDB’s FEED AFRICA Strategy in helping to create jobs for our youth.

To become the leading LAUNCHPAD in creating jobs for our youth and provide food for all across the continent. GetMeFOOD Model to help initiate 1000 young people into large-scale farming in the next 5 years.

Transforming young people into successful Agripreneurs by creating an enabling environment in terms of incubating the youth for a certain period (to equip them with skills while doing real agribusiness) but with a clear exit strategy.

Our Objectives

GetMeFOOD Model

For many years we have approach Agriculture with a model that doesn’t work. With microloans, the world has practically forced local farmers to become entrepreneurs. But we all know that not everyone has what it takes to become game changers. Entrepreneurship demands vision and hard work in many ways. So instead of trying out limited resources on a wide number of farmers, why not invest in fewer numbers of ambitious individuals who are ready to take African Agriculture to the world. I believe that we don’t need millions of farmers in Africa to meet our goals. We need aggressive and passionate young individuals who have a vision bigger than feeding just Africa but also providing for the rest of the world.

Components Of The GetMeFOOD Model


The GetMeFOOD model has the capacity to train its participants on good agricultural practices (GAPs).
However, the summary of the production cycle is as shown below.

Our target markets shall be reached through pre-arranged contract agreements to supply our produce on determined dates. Whiles others would be through retail outlets and market centers as well as food fairs. In order to achieve this, planting will be regulated in a manner to meet market demands.
The GetMeFOOD model has the following target market;

On-farm food safety is of the area of concern to the model. However, the well-being of our consumers is of prime importance to us. Hence, the need to derive some on-farm food safety principles.
These principles include;

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